Deliver Me


I am a prisoner of my five senses. My soul encased in the body made of five elements. It seeks just You and not the gilded prison. You are everywhere and in everything that I experience; in every minute moment of my life, in every atom of my being. Yet You are hidden from me; hidden in plain sight. You keep me occupied, and pacified with material possessions. Lulled with pleasures of the senses. But it is You who I seek, I long for – the bright shining sun and not a flickering candle.

I bow my head at Your magnificent, flawless creation. You can hear the footsteps of an ant, You know where and when each leaf will fall, You know how long the sun will burn and the planets will turn. What can I offer You, I am a minuscule spec of dust, I own nothing, everything belongs to You – my body, soul, mind, thoughts, my very being is Yours.

When will You have mercy on me, when will You deliver me? I will yearn for You eternally, in this life and beyond. I will wait patiently with bated breath by Your door hoping fervently that one day it will open for me.


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