Monthly Archives: June 2011

Window Gazers


Since moving to our third floor apartment I was missing all the gardening that we had been doing each summer. Instead of growing vegetables in containers I decided to grow some indoor plants. The big kitchen window that gets plenty of sun made it a perfect place to start my indoor plants. The ornamental corn plant (Dracaena Massangeana) seems to be thriving in its new place. I love to see the plant sprout new waxy green leaves.

I picked up a Hypoestes or polka dot plant along with a colorful croton and an African violet from a supermarket. The bright pink and red spots of the hypoestes are eye-catchingly beautiful and the crotons add a wonderful splash of color with their brightly colored foliage.

The african violet seems to be thriving too and I love the deep violet color of its flowers. I plan to add more african violets to my collection given that they are so easy to grow.Just keeping them evenly moist and feeding them once a week is enough to get some beautiful blooms.

I have had this peace lily for sometime now. But this is the first time that it has flowered.
I have a few more plants in mind to cover the window sill. Something fragrant like jasmine or colorful like begonia.

Plants are a perfect way to add color and cheer to any space. They bring positive energy and a sense of joy and warmth to our hearts.