The night had spread its wings; the dusk was melting away, the red, orange, and pink hues fading fast in the vast inky darkness of the approaching night. Will the light shine again, will there be another dawn..there is no promise only hope, but for now the night will reign supreme. There are no twinkling stars or the comforting light of the moon, this time it is just the coal like night. You stumble, fall, get bruised, be shattered, be broken into a zillion pieces….there is no respite, the night goes on. Seconds blends into minutes and minutes into hours, time seems irrelevant just the pain seems so real. Is this pain also an illusion, a ‘maya’ of the creation? You convince yourself that this too shall pass just like everything else, it is fleeting and ephemeral..the night will not last forever the light of the dawn will blur the shadows some day…but not now, not at this moment… now the night is real.


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