Monthly Archives: November 2009

My Ode to Fall


Fall in MarylandFall…the season of hello and goodbye. Goodbye to the warm glorious days of summer and hello to the coming silver and white winter. Nature is out with its vivid colors, the trees are its canvas. Painting the verdant leaves myriad hues of bronze, yellow, orange, and red. I gaze in awe, admiring the blushing red oak as the wind rustles through its leaves and the rays of the setting sun sparkles; making the scarlet of the foliage glow. The leaves are content displaying their colors, showing no signs of dismay at their looming end. The tree lined roads are now drive-through art galleries, just catch the color before the show is over.
Fall…I love the crisp air that you bring, the festivities, the sound of dry leaves crunching under my feet, and the knowledge that decay and growth are two inseparable faces of the same coin. Without you there would be no winter and spring….